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For Businesses

We are interdisciplinary, fresh and disruptive, yet we have one goal; to make your business stand out. we use different advertising channels; billboards, bus shelter ads, events and promotions. We track metrics, impressions, conversions and . Be unique. Position wisely.

Media Buying

With our extensive inventory of Billboards, Digital platforms and Media channels across 36 states of Nigeria, we will help you showcase a campaign and successfully reach your target audience. Slice Media always delivers on a grand scale.

Digital Marketing

Paid campaigns and SEO across PPC, search, display and social media are thoughtfully designed to impact your company's most important KPIs. We help you reach your target audience before your competitors do.


High-level, dedicated reputation managers attract, convert and nurture your brand image. They create a deeper connection with your target audience.

Brand Management

Thoughtfully designed strategies to impact your company’s most important KPIs. By providing clarity and direction to your marketing campaigns, we aim to establish your brand as a trusted authority in your industry.

Website Development

Optimised UX writing and tailored UIUX design for better website conversion and more profitable customer relationships.


We offer customised media trainings led by experienced facilitators that can assist in providing the necessary tools for navigating through 3 objectives: For upscaling, media preparedness and opportunities for workshops.

Partnership & Consulting

Unlock unparalleled business growth in media and technology with our strategic advisory, partnership, deal-making, sponsorship, and market entry services. We leverage our extensive industry network to help you identify unique value propositions and make quality recommendations for big decisions.

Content Production Studio

Enrich your brand's content library with integrated solutions. We transform your ideas into compelling visual and written assets through photography, video production, podcasts, and more. Elevate your content with our creative direction and strategic planning.

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