We're an expert team of dedicated specialists whose role is to formulate the optimum approach to achieve your brand goals. To accomplish this, we employ advanced technology and profound industry knowledge with every branding project we undertake.

We help develop your brand goals and create a branding blueprint to achieve them. We craft your brand story and primary branding materials. We do these while creating a brand-aligned psyche.


The methodology responsible for our approach is predicated upon strategy advisory and expedition. Growth sparks that birth innovative gleams are core elements of our value offerings translating our Clients’ imaginative expectations into chains of material essence.

Media Buying

Our resources are your resources. Slice Media offers an unparalleled domestic reach to enable brands compete and win in their local markets – across all platforms.

Out-Of-Home Advertising

Get access to the largest outdoor advertising footprint in the market. We give you access to boundless publicity with our outdoor advertising channels within our locations including the second-longest bridge in Africa, the third mainland bridge. We also have several locations across Nigeria and various channels like billboards, lamp poles, LED billboards, wall scape etc.

Reputation Management

We help your brand handle crisis-related issues by having a plan in place for when a crisis arises. We also manage brand reputation by changing the negative perception that consumers hold of the brand. We give the public perception of the brand a complete face-lift.

Digital and Social Media Management

We help amp up your digital platforms with your authentic stories and products leveraging premium content. This is to increase visibility and client engagement. We realize this by working with data analytics to determine the content suitable for the brand to ensure consistency.

Brand Strategy

1. Our pivot is the result – we develop and execute strategies that help brands establish, frame and amplify their narratives with tangible results.
2. We create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies substantiate their voice elevating their brand command.
3. We develop bespoke strategies which align with our client's company goals and are executed with precision.


We use collaborative methods between marketing and customer service teams to simplify, integrate and streamline Client Acquisition Strategies.


The goal is to create a systematic, sustainable client acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes.


We nurture the intimate connections required for genuine community building that grooms ideas for sustainable success.