Solutions Description
and Rates

Slice Media provides brand advisory, creative and execution services as bespoke business solutions. Through innovative thinking, these solutions have been developed for the purpose of guiding businesses to navigate their marketing challenges as well as decipher the exact combination of value chain dependencies which will help the proffered solutions thrive and build sustainable equity.

Brand Foundation

Audit Architecture Experiecne Design Acculturation

Research, Identity Development, Company Registration, Strategy

100K - 400K

Brand Building

Research Identity Development Company Registration Strategy

Brand audit, architecture, experience design and acculturation

200K - 350K

Brand Sustenance

Marketing strategy Content Development Communuty management Website Development

Marketing strategy, content Development, communuty management, website etc.

100K - 1M

We use collaborative methods between marketing and customer service teams to simplify, integrate and streamline Client Acquisition Strategies.


The goal is to create a systematic, sustainable client acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes.


We nurture the intimate connections required for genuine community building that grooms ideas for sustainable success.